About US

My-family-choice provides the benefits of countless products for men and women, whether it's about men's shaving cream or women's skin, nails and hair care. We are not just confined to common products but also keep that sort of stuffs which are unfamiliar to most individuals. Our products are being listed based on a particular category and so our user-friendly website would let each user go through everything with much details covered by graphical and text representation.

The moment you use (visit, browse, make a payment, etc.) this Website (http://my-family-choice.com) you are bound to follow the following Terms of Use. If you do not accept these terms and conditions please do not use this website.


1. You shall not indulge in such activities that harm our website's functionality or its reputation by sending viruses or worms or any other malicious content.

2. You shall not hack into the Website and breach into our consumers' or employees' sensitive details with an aim of spreading it elsewhere. Any other activities like sending us an advertising material or spam emails won't be entertained but will be a punishable offense.

3. We make no claims that Myfamilychoice is never going to have viruses or any other harmful materials and therefore if you visit our website and your personal computer gets attacked by such things, we won't hold any liability.

Pricing & Availability

The price of the products being displayed is in US dollars and hence if you reside in some other geographical location your payment would be according to the foreign exchange as per the international money conversion. The total will be reflected while you check out as per your country's currency.

We hold the right to change the price of any product. If you buy a particular product and the price changes later on we will notify so that you may decide whether to still proceed or quit. It is not possible that the products are available in our stock all the time. If you make a payment and the product isn't available we will give you the choice among either accept the alternative product, wait for some more time or get full refund.

Images and Information

We try our best to make sure that the images of the products are latest. Although it depends on the computer monitor and its graphical features that in what specific color and brightness it would appear on a particular screen. Plus the photography methods and printing quality also matter a lot when it comes to affecting the color display.

The detailed information is given in case of every product but we never guarantee that those descriptions are precise and correct.


We accept Visa, Master Card and Amex. The shipping price will depend on your country of residence. Please make sure that you enter the complete and correct mailing address. In case of returns the shipping and handling charges would be paid by you. Kindly read our Returns & Refund Policy to know that in more detail.

Data Privacy and Security

We have advance technological measures for the sake of securing your personal and sensitive data. Please read our Privacy Terms to know more in detail about the same.

Order Confirmation

We send three different emails during the order process. The first email is sent at the time of completion of order, the second one is for confirmation and the third one is sent at the time of dispatching the goods along with the tracking number. If you have any queries or doubts you may reply us in the same email address.


If you write a wrong shipping address or due to specific reasons your products cannot be sent at your location we will send you an email mentioning the reasons behind. The refunds won't be entertained in case of wrong shipping address and you will need to pay once again. We will return your money if we find some issues in your country that doesn't accept specific items.

Order Cancellation

We only accept the cancellations if you promptly inform to us before the dispatch. If it has been already dispatched then you may return back later after receiving it but in that case we won't refund your shipping and handling costs that you spent.

Damaged Items

If you receive damaged goods or if the product has reached its expiry date you may soon inform us regarding it and we will arrange you an alternative product or issue a refund for you early as possible. The Terms of Use don't affect your rights as consumer. We recommend you going through our Returns & Refund Policy to know more details.


All activities are governed by the laws of Hong Kong. This implies that one must submit the disputes for settlement as per the jursidiction of this country.

Myfamilychoice reserves the right to alter or change the Terms of Use at any given time without notification and hence one must read through these on timely basis.