About US

My-family-choice provides the benefits of countless products for men and women, whether it's about men's shaving cream or women's skin, nails and hair care. We are not just confined to common products but also keep that sort of stuffs which are unfamiliar to most individuals. Our products are being listed based on a particular category and so our user-friendly website would let each user go through everything with much details covered by graphical and text representation.

Returns & Refund Policy


The returns are only accepted if expired, incorrect or damaged items are shipped to you. If you get an incorrect product that doesn't match your original order you may speak to us and we will send you the correct one. If it is not in stock we will refund your money in full. We will also replace the expired product with that item which hasn't yet reached its expiry date. The same goes with the damaged item. Kindly note that you need to inform soon as possible within 14 days of receiving along with the proof of return, proof of purchase and the exact reason behind the returns. The custom fees as per your country's norms are to be paid solely by you.


Our customer service department works tirelessly for resolving the issues and it is responsible for accepting or rejecting the returns and refunds. The refund amount doesn't include any shipping or handling charges that you paid while returning us. It only involves the products' cost price which is displayed on the website. The refunds are done within 24 hours but take around 1 to 2 weeks for getting reflected in the banks. Myfamilychoice wouldn't be held responsible for any delays that occured due to the recepient bank.