About US

My-family-choice provides the benefits of countless products for men and women, whether it's about men's shaving cream or women's skin, nails and hair care. We are not just confined to common products but also keep that sort of stuffs which are unfamiliar to most individuals. Our products are being listed based on a particular category and so our user-friendly website would let each user go through everything with much details covered by graphical and text representation.


1. Why must I consider ordering the products online?

A. One must consider buying the goods online because he/she is always given the best deals, free home delivery and free replacement if damaged products are received just in case. Retail shops normally do not entertain taking back the products plus rates are comparatively higher in that case.

2. How will I know that I am going to get the best deal of price in product's purchase?

A. We deliver the goods directly from the manufacturer and there are no middlemen or salesmen in between. This is why the price offered are lesser than those you see at the retail outlets.

3. What are the different methods for ordering the products online?

A. You may choose out of Debit or Credit Card while you check out for purchase and follow the steps accordingly. Our Website is open 24/7 and so if any trouble arises you may call us on our toll-free helpline number. The complains are registered by our representative instantly.

4. Are your products genuine?

A. Our products are 100% genuine since we bring them from the manufacturers directly and these are far superior than those that you find at shopping malls since you may not know for how long those products are kept there.

5. Is the website secure for payments?

A. Since we follow latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology we warrant you that your data will always be safe since the Credit/Debit Card details you enter is temporarily kept and we never save those details with us, not even in encrypted form in our database. Unless you share your sensitive information to untrustworthy entities your data is safe and intact.

6. How to return the product in case of an issue?

A. You must go through our Returns & Refund Policy if any trouble emerges right after you receive your product(s).

7. Is there any provision to send the shipment to other location and not my regular address?

A. Yes, it is possible. While ordering anything you will see an option at the end where you may enter a new address wherever you wish to transmit the goods, which is other than your default mailing address.

8. Can I track my order?

A. Yes. Once we dispatch your products from our warehouse we will provide you with the tracking number via email you have registered with us. This is usually done within the 36 to 48 hours of order's placement.