About US

My-family-choice provides the benefits of countless products for men and women, whether it's about men's shaving cream or women's skin, nails and hair care. We are not just confined to common products but also keep that sort of stuffs which are unfamiliar to most individuals. Our products are being listed based on a particular category and so our user-friendly website would let each user go through everything with much details covered by graphical and text representation.

Privacy Terms

The Privacy Terms tells you what information we collect, how we do that and how we secure that data without any harm.

Type of Information that we gather

1. Identifiable Personal Information: Your personal data like your name, email address, mailing address, contact number, etc. are collected when you register your account with us. While ordering for products you need to give us your Credit/Debit card details as well. You have the full consent to never share any of your data with us but that will limit your use of our website.

2. Non Identifiable Personal Information: This type of detail is never direct. Information like your geographical location, name of the web browser, IP address, which webpage you visit the most, etc. is collected by the cookie files that we send across the network and gets stored by your hard disk. Most website owners use this technique to have a basic idea of which type of customer is interested in what kind of products. It also provides better browsing experience to the consumers and visitors since only those type of products are shown to them at first in which they are most interested. This never reveals anyone's personal identity but if still somebody gets hesitated in sharing that too he/she may anytime block or limit the cookies as per the need. Kindly note that limiting or blocking the cookie files also limit the browsing experience such as you won't be able to order any product.

How we protect your information

We have a multi-tier security network that includes physical, procedural and electronic safeguards in order to protect our consumers' data. We assure you that your data is always kept hidden and well intact since sensitive information like Debit/Credit Card details are encrypted with 128 bit SSL technology and never stored in our database. This implies that the moment you make a payment the Card details that you give at that time is changed to some other value that is not in its readable form, except for the last 4 digits. We share your personal details to third parties only when it is necessary completing a particular process such as money transfer during the order, delivery of shipment at your location, etc.

You agree that whatever information you provide to us is precise and correct to your best knowledge. If you need to edit, update or change your personal data you may contact our customer support executive and he/she will assist you with best possible manner. We will never share, transmit or distribute your sensitive information for the sake of our own commercial gain unless you permit us in written through electronic media or verbally.

Myfamilychoice holds the right to partially or entirely change this Privacy Terms at any time without notifying in advance. One must therefore is advised to read this section from time to time to stay updated.